Airoflex truck and trailer tipper services take your material handling project from start to finish.

Airoflex has the capability to design and build your truck dumper, trailer tipper, or receiving hopper to meet tailored specifications because of our experienced engineers and fabrication team. Our services include commissioning and startup, inspections and testing, cylinder repair and rebuild, in addition to our cylinder exchange program. As a result, your high performance truck or trailer tipper system will require low maintenance and work efficiently for years to come.



Airoflex provides startup and commissioning services for all truck dumpertrailer tipper, and receiving hopper purchases, upgrades or repairs. Our project manager will assist in on-site training and installation supervision in order to make your truck tipper or dumper equipment run efficiently.


Airoflex has an experienced team of qualified engineers and project managers for onsite testing, inspections and troubleshooting of your truck dumper or trailer tipper. Please contact us to request a visit.


We offer assistance to determine if your Airoflex cylinders should be repaired or replaced. Our team of specialists will inspect, test and evaluate your truck dumper or trailer tipper cylinders at no charge to recommend a solution.


The Airoflex Hydraulic Cylinder Exchange Program offers a great opportunity for our customers to minimize downtime, furthermore maximizing your biomass or pellet mill facility’s productivity. By taking advantage of our exchange program, you can eliminate costly repairs while returning your dumpers to their intended performance standards quickly and confidently. Our telescoping multi-section cylinders are heavy-duty; for that reason, your truck dumper system will be built for longevity. Before shipping, our cylinders are factory tested and inspected by our professional engineers to ensure a quality product is provided to our customers. Contact Airoflex to request a cylinder evaluation or exchange.


All of our products have been manufactured by an experienced team of Airoflex engineers. Our registered engineers and design technicians can provide professionally sealed prints, computer-aided drafting for all steel components, 3-D modeling, and finite element analysis (FEA) for prototype and fixture design. Our 70,000 square foot fabrication facility is able to accommodate the largest of projects, with engineers and welders specializing in heavy metal fabrication of carbon, Cor-Ten, aluminum, stainless, and specialty alloy steel.  We offer our customers custom engineered equipment assemblies of cylinder and truck dumper spare parts with capabilities for rapid prototyping, production, and testing. Airoflex has a certified weld inspector on-staff and all our fabricators are American Weld Society (AWS) certified.

Engineering to Fabrication