Airoflex has two distinctive styles of packings that are custom manufactured to match our cylinders. The standard packing is designed to compensate for minor surface imperfections and wear on the cylinder stage surface. The high-performance packing seals at lower pressures allowing for longer life, but works best on unblemished surfaces.

Also called stuffing boxes or caps, sleeves thread onto each stage of a telescoping cylinder (except the plunger) and house the packing and make the seal between one stage and the next smallest. A bronze gland threads into the top side of the sleeve compressing and holding the packing in place.  The sleeve also works as a stroke stop and prevents any stage from telescoping too far. Airoflex packing glands are made from 932 bearing bronze. The glands serve several functions including providing an important bearing surface for the telescoping tube as it extends and retracts, holding and compressing the packing in stuffing box, and retaining the wiper that scrapes debris from the tube stage as it retracts. These are adjustable and can be tightened if the cylinder begins to leak excessively at the packing.

Spare parts are durably constructed with quality components for maximum lifespan and performance and undergo quality inspection and rigorous testing before approval for sale.  Airoflex OEM spares are designed to retrofit on equipment built in the 1960’s while having the benefit of innovative construction techniques and modern engineering used on contemporary truck dumper and trailer tipper designs.

Routine Maintenance

Routine inspection of bearings and shafts for proper lubrication, cracks, scoring, or wear is critical to the safe operation of any equipment.  Cylinders, nuts, bolts, connection points, hoses, piping, alignments, filters, foundations, limit switches and all wear points should be examined monthly and changed or repaired if necessary.  Replace these items with certified Airoflex OEM parts at the first sign of wear.

All spare parts are covered under the Airoflex standard warranty.

Contact Sales

Our sales department is committed to helping you keep your dumper or tipper operating safely and efficiently so be sure to call with any questions.   Ask your Airoflex representative why Airoflex dumpers are the longest running and most durable dumpers in the industry.


Looking for Airoflex truck dumper and trailer tipper replacement parts? Search our large in-stock inventory for pins, pin eyes, A-frame bearings, pivot bearings, stuffing boxes, adjustable packing glands, packings, spanner wrenches and replacement cylinders for the main dumper, backstop, pit doors, and wheel locks.

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