Packing Glands

Packing Glands

Airoflex packing glands are made from 932 bearing bronze. The glands serve several functions including providing an important bearing surface for the telescoping tube as it extends and retracts, holding and compressing the packing in stuffing box, and retaining the wiper that scrapes debris from the tube stage as it retracts. The glands are adjustable and can be tightened if the cylinder begins to leak excessively at the packing.  All standard models of packing glands are kept in inventory.


Packing Gland
Brass packing Gland SIZE 0000 for 18H500
SIZE 000 for 13 13/16″ Tube
SIZE 00 for 11 7/8″ Tube
SIZE 0 for 9 7/8″ Tube
SIZE 0s for 10 1/2″ Tube
SIZE 1 for 8 7/8″ Tube
SIZE 1s for 9 1/8″ Tube
SIZE 2 for 7 7/8″ Tube
SIZE 3 for 6 7/8″ Tube
SIZE 4 for 5 7/8″ Tube


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