Base and Pivot Bearings

Base bearings establish the foundation to cylinder base connection using one of our standard pins. The base bearing will mate to its matching cylinder base relative to the size of the main barrel.  Standard bases include a replaceable bronze C954 bushing, but can be purchased without.   Pivot bearings come in 6 and 8 bolt configurations and root the main dumper platform to the foundation at the dumper pivot.  This is a critical connection and routine lubrication, inspection, and replacement is crucial.  Many configurations are available to match the installation and all standard models are kept in stock.

A-210 Base Bearing
Base Bearing for Airoflex Truck Dumpers SIZE 7 3/4″ X 10 3/4″ BASE WITH 3 7/16″ BORE
SIZE 7 3/4″ X 10 3/4″ BASE WITH 2 15/16″ BORE
8 bolt pivot bearingA-416-A – 8 Bolt Pivot Bearing
Bolt Pivot Bearing SIZE 2 15/16″ BORE
SIZE 3 7/16″ BORE
SIZE 3 15/16″ BORE
A-410-A Base Bearing
Base Bearing SIZE 10″ X 12″ BASE WITH 2 15/16″ BORE
SIZE 10″ X 12″ BASE WITH 3 7/16″ BORE

A-510 Base Bearing for 16″ Cylinder with Brass Sleeve
 Base Bearing for 16" Cylinder with brass sleeve SIZE 12″ X 17″ BASE WITH 3 7/16″ BORE


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