Spare Parts

Supplying Airoflex OEM spare parts for your best performance.

Airoflex parts are durably constructed with quality components for maximum lifespan and performance and undergo quality inspection and rigorous testing before approval for sale. Airoflex OEM spares are designed to retrofit on equipment built in the 1960’s while having the benefit of innovative construction techniques and modern engineering used on contemporary truck dumper and trailer tipper designs.

Customer Service

After sale customer service is our commitment, with startup and commissioning, a large inventory of spare parts, cylinder rebuild and repair, and inspection and testing services to provide assistance when required.
All spare parts are covered under the Airoflex standard warranty.

Contact Sales

Our sales department is committed to helping you keep your dumper or tipper operating safely and efficiently so be sure to call with any questions. Ask your Airoflex representative why Airoflex dumpers are the longest running and most durable dumpers in the industry.

Above-Grade Receiving Hopper - Airoflex

Routine Maintenance

Our engineering team is equipped to inspect and provide a maintenance plan that is best suited for your truck dumper or tipper. Inspections and maintenance are critical in keep your dumper or tipper safe and running smoothly and effectively

Truck Dumper and Tipper Spare Parts

From bolts and pins to pivot bearings and base bearings, we’ve got what you need for replacement parts for your dumper or tipper. Our certified OEM parts can only be purchased from Airoflex to ensure the highest quality. Using the best quality components ensures keeping your business up and running.

Truck Dumper and Tipper Spare Parts - Airoflex
Cylinder Spare Parts - Airoflex

Cylinder Spare Parts

Cylinders are one of the main components to keeping your truck dumper or tipper up and running. We have OEM spare parts for your cylinder maintenance and repairs. Packing kits, packing glands, o-rings, pin eyes and spanner wrenches are just a few of the quality parts we stock for your cylinder needs.

Experts in Truck Dumper Parts and Services

Looking for Airoflex truck dumper and trailer tipper replacement parts? Search our large in-stock inventory for pins, pin eyes, A-frame bearings, pivot bearings, stuffing boxes, adjustable packing glands, packings, spanner wrenches and replacement cylinders for the main dumper, backstop, pit doors, and wheel locks.

See Airoflex Spare Parts Terms and Conditions.

To order parts, give us a call or send us an email.