Truck Dumpers

Airoflex standard pivot and extended arm truck dumpers simplify material handling.

Airoflex truck dumpers are designed and built in both standard and extended arm styles, made for simplified material handling. Because the most common material-transporting trucks are back-end unloaders, Airoflex Equipment is specially designed to make unloading bulk materials effortless. Airoflex supplies dumpers for a wide range of capacities ranging from 20-200 tons, 35-65 degree tilt, and 20-100 feet in length. Dumpers are available in back-on or drive-over styles and can be accessorized with quality-manufactured Airoflex products, such as service legs, pit doors, and receiving hoppers. These additional Airoflex products are able to pair perfectly with your truck dumper or trailer tipper.  Contact us to discuss your next project.

Standard Pivot Truck Dumpers

Standard pivot truck dumpers are designed to unload bulk materials such as coal, woodchips, bark, and any flowable bulk material from a truck trailer. Options for standard pivot dumpers include drive-thru or back-on operation with over-the-wall or in-pit hoppers.

Standard Pivot Truck Dumper - Airoflex
Extended Arm Truck Dumper - Airoflex

Extended Arm Truck Dumpers

Airoflex extended arm truck dumpers are designed to unload any flowable bulk material, such as biomass, pellets, woodchips, and bark. Attached receiving hoppers are equipped with spike rolls designed specifically for the biomass industry.