Trailer Tippers

Airoflex Equipment trailer tippers give you advantages in material handling.

Airoflex Equipment designs and supplies several models of hydraulic trailer tippers. These include standard pivot, extended arm, and portable models. Tippers are designed to easily tilt back-end unloading truck trailers to unload a wide range of bulk flowable materials. Because they are high-performing and have fast cycle times, these trailer tippers are truly built for maximum efficiency. Additionally, our products can be paired with quality-manufactured Airoflex accessories, such as service legs, pit doors, and receiving hoppers. This provides even further benefits to your facility, resulting in cost-efficiency and increased productivity. Airoflex supplies trailer tippers for capacities ranging from 20-200 tons, 35-65 degree tilt, and 20-100 feet in length. Contact us to discuss your next project.

Standard Pivot Trailer Tippers

Standard pivot trailer tippers are designed for in-pit or over-the-wall operations, with options such as chutes and material guidance features. Materials such as cotton, sugarcane, pet foods, bark, as well as any flowable bulk material can be unloaded from a truck trailer.

Standard Pivot Trailer Tipper - Airoflex
Extended Arm Trailer Tipper - Airoflex

Extended Arm Trailer Tippers

Extended arm trailer tippers feature back-on A-frame design with an above-grade hopper or an over-the-wall material chute. It is designed to unload materials such as biomass, hemp, woodchips, bark, sugarcane, and more.

Portable Trailer Tippers

Designed for simple off-highway movement, the portable trailer tipper can readily be prepped for over-the-road transport. With no foundation requirements, it is easy to relocate, thereby making bulk material handling simple for a variety of industries.

Portable Arm Trailer Tipper - Airoflex