Receiving Hoppers

Receiving hoppers by Airoflex perfectly pair with your truck dumper for material handling ease.

Airoflex manufactures fully compatible receiving hoppers as optional truck dumper or trailer tipper accessories. Built to your industries’ needs and size, Airoflex’ line of receiving hoppers are equipped to reclaim materials of all types. Receiving hoppers make unloading bulk flowable materials easier and more efficient. Hoppers are available in above or below-grade options, with added spike-rolls for biomass handling. For operations with self-unloading end-dumping truck trailers, Airoflex receiving hoppers can collect a discharged load and be ready to receive the next truckload by the time the next full truck is on the deck. With your demands and needs in mind, Airoflex hopper systems help your facility can run efficiently. Contact us to discuss your next project.

Above-Grade Receiving Hoppers

Airoflex above-grade receiving hoppers are designed to receive large volumes of bulk materials such as biomass, woodchips, bark, hemp, and other similar materials.

Above-Grade Receiving Hopper - Airoflex
Biomass Receiving Hopper - Airoflex

Biomass Receiving Hoppers

The Airoflex biomass receiving hopper is designed with a full live-bottom with heavy-duty chains to receive and reclaim large volumes of biomass with added single and double spike rolls. This efficient system eliminates the need for constructing a below-grade pit, saving money and time.