Hydraulic Telescoping Cylinders

Airoflex hydraulic telescoping cylinders ensure effective material handling.

Airoflex has been manufacturing cylinders since 1947 and have delivered over 3,000 cylinders worldwide. All our cylinders are manufactured, assembled, and tested at our Iowa facility. Airoflex has a proven design for heavy-duty built, telescoping, hydraulic cylinders. To ensure rigidity, Airoflex cylinders have the longest overlap length in the industry. Our cylinders have threaded steel sleeves with set screws, heavy wall D.O.M. tubing, cast steel bearings, welded bronze multiple bearing guides, and adjustable brass packing glands. Airoflex cylinders are manufactured with the highest quality standards and all are factory tested before shipping.

We offer many types of hydraulic cylinders including pit door cylinders and backstop cylinders. We also offer custom built cylinders to match existing Airoflex or replace non-Airoflex dumpers cylinders.

We stock a full line of interchangeable replacement spare parts to better service our customers. Our knowledgeable sales staff can help your company determine the proper parts for your model dumper or hopper.

Airoflex services provide disassembly, inspection, and quotes for cylinder repairs. We can offer fast turn-around for emergency repairs (same day if necessary) or work with your maintenance schedules. All cylinders are remanufactured to OEM standards and come with a one-year limited warranty.

Standard Design

Airoflex hydraulic telescoping cylinders are exclusively designed and manufactured in-house. They are multi-stage cylinder up to 16″ diameter and 575″ stroke. When fully extended, an extra-long overlap ensures rigidity. They feature brass bearings and guides, with adjustable brass packing glands.

Storing Your Cylinders

Cylinders should be kept in an environment that is protected from excessive moisture and temperature extremes. Storage areas that allow exposure to rain, snow and extreme cold must be avoided.

Airoflex hydraulic cylinders should be stored fully closed/retracted and secured in a vertical position with the plunger end down. Once in a vertical position, be certain the cylinder is fully secure to keep it upright. Storing the cylinder in this manner will keep the oil on the packing material thus protecting them from drying out.

If horizontal storage cannot be avoided, then fill the cylinder with hydraulic oil, bleed all air and position the cylinder with the base end slightly raised. Raising the base end of the cylinder will keep oil on the packing materials. When storing horizontally, the cylinder should be rotated to a new position at least every two months to prevent drying, distortion and deterioration of the packing material.

Environmental Storage Considerations

Daytime heat will bake the oil out of packing material which causes leaks and rapid wear when the cylinder is placed in service. Cool nights cause water condensation and corrosion damage to wear surfaces.
If the cylinder will be stored over several months, cover each polished tube section with grease to prevent rusting. Periodic inspections are important to verify that the cylinder is in the closed position, and to protect against rust and leaking oil.

Hydraulic Telescoping Cylinders - Airoflex