Drive-over Pit Doors

Airoflex Equipment pit doors can be added for drive-over material unloading.

The Airoflex Standard Drive Over Pit Door is 15’ Wide x 20’ Long with 60-ton capacity, 75° tilt, A-frame type, 10′ x 20’ steel deck, cylinder mounts, two (2) single-stage telescoping double acting 6-H-72-DA Airoflex Cylinders, wheel guides and walkways to cover a 15’ x 20’ pit opening. The entire assembly is fabricated using bridge type framework, full length beams, welded structural steel construction, 3/8” 4-way safety plate steel deck with tire guide rails and 9’-11” wide driveway with 30” walkways on both sides. Standard finish SSPC-SP-6 surface prep, one (1) coat primer and one (1) coat finish enamel paint.  Power unit and control panel is equipped with valves and switches for pit door operation.  The platform is shipped in one piece for ease of installation in the field.

Customized pit door solutions and extended arm cantilevered designs are also available.  The cantilevered design allows the cylinders and pivot support to be outside of pit opening.

Please contact our sales representative for more information.

Watch Airoflex Drive-Over Pit Door Performance

The video shows Airoflex pit doors in action. To view a Louisiana sugar cane plantation project utilizing Airoflex drive-over pit doors, click the button below.