Additional Products

Additional Airoflex products maximize dumper and tipper efficiency.

Additional products manufactured by Airoflex include service legs, hydraulic cylinders, and spare parts. Add these products as accessories to your truck dumper or trailer tipper to increase time, maintenance, and cost-efficiency.  Contact us to discuss your next project.

Hydraulic Telescoping Cylinders

Airoflex heavy-duty build, telescoping, hydraulic cylinders are exclusively designed and manufactured at our fabrication facility and have the longest overlap length in the industry.

Hydraulic Telescoping Cylinders - Airoflex
Service Legs - Airoflex

Service Legs

Service legs are moveable supports that allow access under your truck dumper for maintenance and inspection.

Drive-Over Pit Doors

Pit doors allow drive-thru operation when dumping into a below grade receiving pit.

Drive-Over Pit Doors - Airoflex
Spare Parts - Airoflex

Spare Parts

Browse our large in-house inventory of spare parts, including pins, bases/pivot bearings, packings, cylinders, and tools.

Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulic power units (HPUs) are offered by Airoflex Equipment with our truck dumpers and trailer tippers.

Hydraulic Power Units - Airoflex