Above Grade Receiving Hoppers

Compatible hoppers pair with truck and trailer dumpers for optimal material receiving.

Airoflex above grade hoppers are designed to receive and reclaim large volumes of bulk materials such as woodchips, bark, pellets, sugar cane, hemp, and other similar flowable bulk materials. Our design eliminates the need for a high maintenance pit and extensive civil work. Altogether, adding an above-grade receiving hopper to your truck trailer dumper system will increase unloading efficiency at your facility, cutting down on time and cost.

Our bolted hopper design minimizes the need for field welding, which results in lower installation costs. With safe operation and continued maintenance practices, our robust hoppers are engineered to have many years of trouble-free operation in addition to lower lifetime operational costs.

The standard Airoflex above grade hopper is designed to integrate with our extended arm truck dumpers. The truck driver backs the trailer into position on the tilting deck, and the material load empties into the hopper. Hoppers features a live-bottom floor with heavy-duty drag chain to convey material. Conveying capacity can be controlled by chain speed through a variable frequency drive (VFD) electric motor. This gives the operator complete control in adjusting reclaim capacities. A standard hood top contains and suppresses dust during the unloading process. To best suit our customer’s needs, we can configure a hopper using our modular accessories to suit any number of receiving applications. For hoppers suited specifically to biomass handling, click here.


Standard above grade receiving hoppers can be upgraded to handle biomass with various modular accessories. They are built for above grade application, with bolted connections to minimize field welding, have multiple strand drag chains, full live bottom design, and vertical walls.


The single wide capacity is 3,500-6,000 cu/ft with a typical material output of 150 -250 TPH.


Options include hydraulic operated metering gates, platforms and stairs, AR material floor, single and double spike back rolls, VFD capable motor and controls, TIVAR liner, dust suppression and containment, and special paint. A reversible head shaft can be reversed as drag chain sprockets wear.

Receiving Hopper - Airoflex

Standard Hopper Body

The standard hopper body has a 4500-cu ft capacity, 12’6” inside width, incline of 15 degrees, and full live bottom with 6 strands of WDH480 chain. The walls, floor and return floor are fabricated from ¼” mild steel.

Receiving Hopper - Airoflex
Receiving Hopper-Dumper-Hopper-Foundation Asm

Standard Hopper Head and Tail

The standard receiving hopper features a standard “hood-top” drive head frame, head shaft and bearings, VFD capable motor, 4” pitch drive chain and sprockets, tail shafts and bearings, and basic drive access ladder.