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Airoflex Equipment has over 70 years of experience in the design, manufacturing, and installation of  truck dumpers, trailer tippers, receiving hoppers, and hydraulic cylinders. All of our products are engineered and fabricated in the U.S. at our Hoffmann Steel Fabrication facility, therefore we are able to oversee your project from start to finish. Airoflex cylinders are designed to withstand the rugged environment and repetitive use to keep your truck dumper or tipper in continuous operation. We use the highest quality material for our tubes, o-rings, wipers, and packings. Above all, this makes our products reliable. With our expertise handling material such as biomass, woodchips, refuse-derived-fuel, municipal solid waste, sugar cane, grain, seed, peanuts, hemp, scrap metal products and more. Subsequently, we can quickly assess your needs and generate a solution for your facility.

Airoflex Equipment engineers and designs bulk material handling equipment and we are dedicated to providing durable, reliable, and quality-built equipment that meets our clients’ every need. After sale customer service is our commitment, with start up and commissioning, a large inventory of spare parts, cylinder rebuild and repair, a cylinder exchange program, and inspection and testing services to provide assistance when required.

Our Products

Our Services

Engineering, Design, Manufacturing & Fabrication

Airoflex has the capability to design and build  your truck dumper, trailer tipper, or receiving hopper to meet tailored specifications because of our experienced engineers and fabricators.

Commissioning and Startup

Airoflex can provide supervision and onsite training services for all truck dumper, trailer tipper, and receiving hopper purchases and repairs.

Inspections and Testing

Airoflex has professional staff for onsite testing, inspections and troubleshooting of your trailer tipper or truck dumper. Additionally, we provide disassembly, inspection and quotes for cylinder repairs.

Cylinder Repair and Rebuild

We offer free assistance to determine if your truck dumper, trailer tipper, or pit-door hydraulic cylinders should be repaired, rebuilt, or replaced.


Visit our YouTube page to see Airoflex dumpers in action
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OUR HISTORY Airoflex Equipment has been supplying innovative engineering concepts for hydraulic truck dumpers and trailer tippers since 1947. On April 27, 2010, Hoffmann Inc., a nationally recognized leader in industrial construction, steel fabrication and material handling systems, announced the acquisition of Air-O-Flex Equipment Co. of Roseville, Minnesota, formerly know as Hydr-O-Flex. Air-O-Flex Equipment is now manufacturing under the company name Airoflex Equipment. However, our company has retained the same dedication to quality built products.

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