At Airoflex Equipment, we provide in-house design, engineering, fabrication and assembly including manufacturing our own proprietary cylinders for our truck dumpers. When needed, this allows us to customize our truck dumpers for specific applications.

Airoflex products have been installed throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, and in the Middle and Far East for industries such as biomass, pellet manufacturing, forestry, municipal solid waste, resource recovery, pulp and paper, energy generation, cogeneration, chemical, food processing, rendering, and recycling industries.

Airoflex has experience in handling biomass, wood chips, bark, RDF, municipal solid waste, sugar cane, grain, seed corn, peanuts, pellets, scrap metal products, and can handle any bulk flowable material.


The wood pellet industry has seen steady growth over the last several years. Pellet fuel is produced using leftovers from lumber mills, deck slash, compacted sawdust and other industrial wood wastes. The woody organic material is ground and then pressed into a uniform shape. Worldwide demand for this type of fuel is expected to increase.


The biomass industry is an innovative and steadily increasing source of renewable energy production. Airoflex is dedicated to providing the solutions for various biomass products, including pulp and paper, food waste, and more. As our environment continues to develop and change, we understand the need for reliable handling of bioenergy producing products. Below are details from past Airoflex biomass projects.

Renewable Energy Project – Biomass

Pulp and Paper Project – Biomass


Airoflex Equipment has the capabilities of working in the food processing industry and supplying industrial equipment that can handle a variety of materials such as sugar cane, grain, peanuts, and seed corn. Below are details from an Airoflex project for a sugar cane processing plantation.

Sugar Cane Processing Project – Food Processing


Airoflex Equipment had produced products for the cogeneration industry, a provider of energy in the form of combined heat and power. With advanced capabilities to handle mass materials such as biomass and waste products, we are able to provide plants with equipment for almost every handling need. Below is an overview of a project for a specialty pulp mill.

Pulp and Paper Project – Cogeneration